Lwala Community Alliance – Community Center

Lwala Community Alliance – Community Center

Accommodating Increasing Demand for Patient Care in Rural Kenya

Since it opened in 2011, accelerated increases in patient numbers at Lwala Community Hospital have resulted in overcrowding of clinical areas within the maternal wing due to the need to provide bed ward areas. This increase in patient numbers has not only furthered the need to expedite a planned second phase construction, but has necessitated the need for a new bed ward to alleviate overcrowding and realign the services of the maternal wing. With the increase in patient numbers has come a need for additional staff. However, this increase can only happen if there is adequate housing provided for the staff.

In 2012 and 2013, we led the Lwala Community Alliance (LWA) through a series of master planning activities to inform how best to address anticipated growth over time. During these sessions, plans for the following were developed:

  • New support facilities for the hospital including Main Entry and Patient Receiving/Waiting Areas, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Imaging and Electro-diagnostic Rooms, Respiratory Therapy and other public, staff and support functions
  • A new, shared adult and pediatric inpatient unit to address crowding issues
  • A new, shared adult and pediatric outpatient clinic building
  • An off-site community center in a location central to the community
  • Staff housing buildings located adjacent to the hospital to create a living community and alleviate

This final outcome of our work with LWA was the development of an overall site/facility vision; a programmatic statement of needs; conceptual plans including floor plans, elevations, equipment layouts and outline specifications; a phasing plan to set the schedule of implementation; assistance in reviewing cost estimates and value engineering for planned budgets; and collaboration with the local architect and contractor in implementation of conceptual design approaches.

In 2014, Lwala Community Alliance broke ground on their community hospital expansion, a significant step forward in making their vision for increasing patient care in the area come alive.

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